Catering Menu Recommendations For Your Individual Event

Compose your personal menu from our recommendations!

From our menu recommendations you may choose whichever meal you like. You can compile your own 2, 3 or 4 course menu with your own favorite dishes. However, we would like to suggest to select a coherent menu so our kitchen and service staff will be able to meet your (as well as our) demands on quality.

We will be pleased to provide you with individual and personal advice.

Main course with pike perch filet with potato crust
Berlin catering chef Mr. Kanow
Catering Menu with Dessert

Four seasons menu recommendations

January - March

January - March

You may choose your own menu from our menu recommendations:

Smoked salmon tartare with apple-onion-sour cream and perfumed leaf salad | 12.90 €
Prime boiled veal in aspic with green sauce and a wild herb salad | 12.50 €
Pickled vegetables and lentils infused with balsamic vinegar | 12.50 €

French onion soup with cheese croutons | 5.80 €
Chicken Noodle Stew | 6.20 €
Regional crayfish soup with brandy and dill cream | 7.20 €

Main Courses
Entrecôte with fries of sweet potato on a wild herb salad | 19.00 €
Chicken breast with tagliatelle, vegetables and basil foam | 17.30 €
Vegetable strudel with truffled savoy cabbage | 15.10 €

Chocolate ice cream with Amarena cherries |12.80 €
Crêpes filled with apple jelly on vanilla foam and cassis sorbet |12.50 €
Duet of pear crème brûlée and small apple tarts | 12.50 €

April - June

April - June

You may choose your own menu from our menu recommendations:

Glazed tomatoes on fried zucchini with a caper vinaigrette | 11.40 €
Prawn cocktail with green apple puree in a salad bouquet | 12.70 €
Mini “Currywurst“ with potato salad and chips of bread | 10.70 €

Creamed pepper bell soup with baked cream cheese | 5.60 €
Aspargus soup with salmon stripes | 6.40 €
Wild garlic soup with a “Landjäger“ skewer (semi-dried salami) | 6.10 €

Main Courses
Fried plaice „Finkenwerder Style“ with buttered potatoes| 17.10 €
Veal fillet medallions with asparagus, Hollandaise sauce
and baked potato | 22.00 €
Baked cauliflower with potato leek fondue | 15.20 €

Vanilla Chocolate Muffin and raspberry sauce | 12.50 €
Cream of mascarpone and strawberries | 12.50 €
Rhubarb jelly with black berry fruit sauce | 12.50 €

July - September

July - September

You may choose your own menu from our menu recommendations:

Tranches of a marinated salmon with a celery radish salad
and mustard-dill sauce  | 13.30 €
Vitello Tonnato of a regional veal with a green salad | 12.90 €
Vegetable terrine in a herb sauce and marinated baby spinach | 11.60 €

Cream of wild mushrooms with mushroom bruschetta | 6.80
Cold or warm cucumber soup with crayfish tails | 7.20 €

Main Courses
Tranches of beef with potato pancakes and a wild mushroom cassoulet | 22.80 €
Pike perch fillet on grapes and leeks with caviar potatoes | 21.70 €
Oven baked tomato with tofu, whole gran noodle
and baby spinach | 14.20 €

Filled pineapple and frozen yoghurt | 12.50 €
Rhubarb strawberry compote with woodruff ice cream | 11.50 €

October - December

October - December

You may choose your individual menu from our menu recommendations:

Trio of mini bell-pepper filled with creamed cheese, tomato jelly and broccoli mousse on cucumber cream cress | 12.90 €
Pink roast beef on salad golden cumshaw
and cucumber horseradish relish | 12.60 €
Pigeon breast with marinated lamb‘s lettuce
and Sauce Cumberland | 14.10 €

Berlin potato stew with baked black pudding | 6.00 €
Bouillon of veal with poached quail egg | 6.50 €
Vegetarian dumpling soup | 6.10 €

Main Courses
Pink fried duck breast with glazed cabbage
and dried fruit dumpling | 20.30 €
Regional beef fillet on brandy with a potato celery puree and filled grill tomato | 22.00 €
Winter cod fish in smoked bacon and vermouth mousse with braised gherkins and risotto | 19.80€
Gratinated carrot leek cake on creamed black salsify | 16.10 €

Poire belle Hélène (pear compote) and wild berry sorbet
layered in a jar | 12.80 €
Warm hazelnut rum cake with cherries and vanilla ice cream | 12.80 €
Grape jelly with cranberries and white chocolate muffin | 13.80 €

All prices are subject to statutory value added tax.

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