For corporate events and private celebrations, our hotel offers six meeting and event rooms.

Due to their different sizes from 20 to 75 m², they can be used for various occasions, e. g. for workshops, presentations, conferences or else parties and celebrations. At the meeting and event rooms of Hotel Albrechtshof it is possible to accommodate small groups of 8 up to larger crowds of 65 people.

Most of the rooms differ as far as their style and furnishings are concerned. Thus, you may choose between rather rustic and traditional or else timeless meeting rooms - all of them equipped with all the basics a modern funtion room requires.

For private events, you are welcome to adjust the interior design according to your likes and wishes.

Location Berlin Mitte

Meeting & Event Rooms at Hotel Albrechtshof

The perfect location for any Occasion

Our Meeting & Event Rooms at a glance

  • Hotel Albrechtshof Berlin in 360°

    Zum 360° Rundgang!

  • Detail view of the Antique One

    The Antique One

    Function Room with wood panelling and parquet flooring

  • Veranstaltungsraum im Berliner Hotel Albrechtshof

    The Antique One

    For Events in a unique ambience

  • Tagen in Berlin Mitte

    Function Room Twin 1 - Room Philip Spener

    For up to 20 people
    Further information

  • Tagungsräume im Berliner Hotel Albrechtshof

    Function Room Twin 2 - Room Theodor Fliedner

    For up to 20 people
    Further information

  • Veranstaltungsraum - Die Zwillinge

    Combination - The Twins

    Hier für eine festliche Abendveranstaltung mit individueller Beleuchtung und runden Tischen.

  • Tagungs- und Veranstaltungsraum Kombination Die Zwillinge

    Veranstaltungsraum Die Zwillinge – Spener & Fliedner

    [Translate to English:] für bis zu 40 Personen
    Zum Veranstaltungs- & Tagungsraum

  • Veranstaltungsraum Der Gesellige – Die Weinstube

    Veranstaltungsraum Der Gesellige – Die Weinstube

    [Translate to English:] für bis zu 12 Personen.
    Zum Veranstaltungsraum

  • Der Gesellige - Unsere Weinstube

    "Der Gesellige" - Unsere Weinstube

    [Translate to English:] Exklusives Ambiente am runden Mahagonitisch.

  • Der mit dem Garten – Salon Paul Gerhardt

    Der mit dem Garten – Salon Paul Gerhardt

    [Translate to English:] für bis zu 9 Personen
    Zum Veranstaltungsraum 

  • Als Gruppenraum

    Der Jüngling – Salon J.-H. Wichern

    [Translate to English:] für bis zu 8 Personen.
    Zum Veranstaltungsraum

Characteristics of our Meeting & Function Rooms:

  • central location in Berlin-Mitte
  • convenient to reach by car, airplane, train or public transport
  • modern equipment in contrast to the flair of an old building
  • on-site professional event management
  • supporting programme, if wanted
  • delicious catering prepared at the hotel's restaurant ALvis
  • WiFi and LAN
  • idyllic wine-clad courtyard
  • comfortable accommodations in the building of Hotel Albrechtshof

Rooms dimensions

Event & Meeting Room Height in m Width in m Length in m Area in m²
The Antique One – Banquet hall Klepper 3,55 6 12,5 75
The Twins – Rooms Spener & Fliedner 3,55 5,1 12,5 63,75
Twin 1 – Spener 3,55 5,1 6 31,25
Twin 2 – Fliedner 3,55 5,1 6,5 32,5
The Sociable One – The wine bar 3,55 4 6 24
The One with Access to the Courtyard – Salon Paul Gerhardt 3,55 3,3 6,25 20,63
The Youngish One – Salon J.-H. Wichern 3,55 3,8 5,3 20,14

Seating Options & Number of People

Meeting room Theatre Parliament Banquet Panel U-Shape Chair circle Max. Pax
The Antique One 65 48 60 32 30 - 65
The Twins 36 50 40 32 32 - 50
Twin 1 18 18 20 16 15 - 20
Twin 2 18 18 20 16 15 - 20
Twin Sociable One - - 12 - - - 12
The One with Access to the Courtyard 9 - 8 8 - 8 9
Twin Youngish One 8 - 8 8 - 8 8

The Antique One - Banquet Hall J. Klepper

There is the antique one, the banquet hall is the tallest one among the event rooms. With its original wood paneling and parquet flooring, it offers a traditional ambience and is undoubtedly one of our most beautiful ones. Perfectly suitable as a classy meeting room.

The Twins – Combination of Spener and Fliedner

Then, there are our twins Spener and Fliedner. The two rectangular rooms are tastefully decorated in the style of a gallery. In no time they can be transformed into one large room for 40 people. Each of them has an Apple TV.

The Sociable One - The Wine Bar

Our wine tavern is ideal for small meetings and celebrations. It is characterized by a large oval mahogany table and a phenomenal chandelier. The room can accommodate up to 12 people.

The One with Access to the Courtyard - Paul Gerhardt

Last but not least, there is still the one with access to the courtyard garden, otherwise called Paul Gerhardt. Its biggest feature is a broad window front that allows you to enter the courtyard right away. The room can accommodate up to eight people.

The Youngish One – J. H. Wichern

The youngish one, also called J. H. Wichern, is the smallest of our meeting and event rooms. It is ideal for gatherings, workshops and meetings of up to eight people.

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