History of Hotel Albrechtshof

... a house with over 100 years of experience and tradition!

The present Hotel Albrechtshof was opened in 1910 as HOSPIZ at Friedrichstrasse station and has existed in its present size since 1913.

It owes its foundation at that time to the support of wealthy friends of the Berlin City Mission, which still owns it today.

The founders wanted his return to help finance the missionary and charitable work of the city mission, true to the motto: prosperity helps welfare.

The hospice soon became one of the most prestigious buildings in central Berlin, which was popular with business people and, above all, families passing through and women travelling alone.

In the period that followed it had an eventful and moving history: During the Hitler era, meetings of the Reichsbruderrat der illegalen Bek Bekennende Kirchen took place here. In the last months of the Second World War, it housed the Eye Clinic of the Charité and a pharmaceutical trade.

During the SED regime it was the meeting place of countless families separated by the German division.

As one of two houses not subject to state regulation, it was also the guarantor for the organisation of national and international church conferences - in this context, highly respected church representatives repeatedly visited our house, including the American Baptist preacher and civil rights activist Martin Luther King, whose name today bears the devotional chapel in the basement.

Celebrating 100 years of Hotel Albrechtshof!

The publication commemorating the 100th anniversary of Hotel Albrechtshof can be purchased for 10.95 Euros at our reception or by telephone +49 (0)30 30886-331.

Anecdote from the past

From the Archive of the Berlin Stadtmission

Interpretation by the Director of the City Mission Damrath (around 1950), once available in the "staff library of the Berlin City Mission", but now in the friendly greeting

Archive of the Berlin City Mission


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