Hotel Albrechtshof
Albrechtstraße 8
10117 Berlin
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Hotel Albrechtshof

A house with a 100 years of tradition!
Hotel Albrechtshof formerly "Hospice at the train station Friedrichstraße" 1910 - 2010

The current hotel was opened in 1910 as the HOSPICE at the train station “Friedrichstraße” and exists in its original size since 1913.
It owes its foundation to the support of wealthy friends of the Berlin city mission, in whose possession it is up to today. The will of the founders was that the hotels income return was used for the missionary and charitable work of the City Mission. True to the motto: wealth helps welfare.

The hospice soon belonged to one of the most respected houses in the center of Berlin. Next to businessmen it was mainly visited by traveling families and unaccompanied women.

The following years it had an eventful and touching history: During Hitlers reign meetings of the Imperial Council of the illegal Confessing Churches were held in this house. In the last months of the Second World War it housed the Department of Ophthalmology, Charité, and a pharmacy trade. During the SED regime, it was the meeting point of countless families separated by the German division.

As one of two houses that were not under state regimentation, it also enabled that German and international church conferences took place- in this context, highly respected church representatives stayed in our house repeatedly, among others the American Baptist minister and civil rights activist Martin Luther King, for whom the devotional chapel in our basement was named.


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