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History of Hotel Albrechtshof

... a house with over 100 years of experience and tradition!

The house today known as Hotel Albrechtshof opened its doors as a hospice at 'Bahnhof Friedrichstraße' as early as in 1910. Its foundation was possible thanks to the support of affluent friends of the Berlin City Mission. According to the wish of its founders, the hotel's rate of return should help fund the missionary and charitable work of the City Mission; true to the motto: prosperity supports welfare.
The hospice soon became one of the most renowned accommodations in the middle of Berlin. It was visited mainly by business people as well as by families passing through and women travelling on their own. During the Hitler era meetings of the suppressed Confessing Church took place there. For the last couple of month of World War II, it housed the Charité‘s department of ophthalmology and a pharmaceutical company. During the SED regime, it was meeting point for a vast number of families separated due to the German partition.

As one of two non-state regulated houses, it was also venue of all-German and international church conferences . In this context, highly respected church representatives stayed repeatedly in our House. One of them being the American Baptist minister and civil rights activist Martin Luther King, whose name the devotion chapel in the hotel's basement is bearing.

Picture taken at today's Hotel Albrechtshof on the evening of September 13th in 1964.

Celebrating 100 years of Hotel Albrechtshof!

TV host Ulli Zelle with two of our employees in front of Hotel Albrechtshof
Berlin originals - the 'Nante-Bande'
guests in costumes at the entrance of Hotel Albrechtshof
Inauguration of the Martin Luther King commemorative plaque
Crowded courtyard of Hotel Albrechtshof / Restaurant ALvis in Berlin-Mitte
Martin Luther King commemorative plaque
Vintage car rally in front of Hotel Albrechtshof at Albrechtstraße 8 in Berlin-Mitte
Welcoming speech by Willi Weiland

The publication commemorating the 100th anniversary of Hotel Albrechtshof can be purchased for 10.95 Euros at our reception or by telephone +49 (0)30 30886-331.